Why We Need Human Connection Now More Than Ever!!!

Here at Pretty Witty POP, we talk about self-care and self-love all the time. We know that is such an integral part of living a healthy balanced life. After all, this is one of the reasons why we chose to make the products we so believe in.

This last year’s pandemic has also proven that human connection has been more critical than ever with so much stay-at-home time.

It’s been a challenge to feel like you are truly connecting with other human beings. And whether you’ve been working from home or were part of our vital essential workforce, we know connections with one another have been complex.

We miss our families and friends, and yes, we are grateful for today’s technology but it will never replace seeing our loved ones face to face. I even miss smiling at a stranger walking by. This year has left a lot of us feeling alone and sheltered. Trust me!

So this past month, as our world is slowly opening up, I took a trip to St. George, Utah to attended a workshop called Whole Heart Awakening. It was all about human connection. What a breath of fresh air!!! A workshop that started with a small room of strangers ended the two-day event with connections so intense that nobody wanted to leave.

Here is what I learned: Human connections are meaningful and vital to our health (even more than I thought).

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Human connections are meaningful and vital to our health

We crave each other’s attention, touch, and love, and many times we don’t even know how to share these feelings with others who also need it.

Over the weekend, we broke down barriers and walls that we all tend to build in times of vulnerability and unsureness. We practiced exercises with total strangers by sharing eye contact and space. We learned that there are many ways we can communicate what we want and need and what our boundaries are. Add, we learned that it’s ok to share that with the people around us.

We were encouraged to uplift each other with kind words and to accept the love that another person offers, whether we knew the person or not. I was reminded that I am blessed with a heart, body, and soul and that I matter and do make a difference here on this beautiful planet. We are all deserving of love. We listened to each other. I mean really listened… by using exercises that reminded us that so often we speak and are not heard.

This weekend reminded me of what it is to be human. I think I had forgotten a little of what that means. It was an awakening of sorts, which, even before this pandemic, I think we get so busy in our lives that so much of what we do becomes autopilot. We quickly forget what matters. We forget how to slow ourselves down and live in the moment. We forget that we are surrounded by people who love us and want to be loved back. We don’t take time to just be with one another; after all, there is always a do-to-list we all need to conquer.

As the workshop came to an end, I realized this world is filled with beautiful people who truly care and can love. I was reminded that I am worthy of this abundance of love as well. I would like to believe that I, too, will pause for a family member, friend, and stranger. I will practice asking my fellow humans what they need and I will offer a hug or an ear or... whatever is important to them. I will open my heart greater than I ever have before and shine my inner light as bright as I possibly can to make a difference in this world that is not always so nice.

I feel grateful. I feel encouraged and blessed, and I also feel a little more love for myself than I ever had before. I did treat myself to this experience because, well... I deserve it! This beautiful great big world deserves it and so do you.

Have you been to a workshop like this? If so, we'd love to hear from you!!!!

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