Three excellent benefits of vitamin E and why we use it in our products

Pretty Witty POP spent months coming up with what we believe is the perfect sugar scrub recipe. While doing our research, we discovered that many cosmetic companies use vitamin E for many different purposes.

We have learned so much about what this potent vitamin may do when applied topically and wanted to share this with you!!!

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So here goes…..Vitamin E to the rescue in three unique ways!

Strengthens your skin better than a personal trainer

Vitamin E oil is a potent antioxidant and nutrient that helps regenerate new skin cells and may help lighten scars and dark spots on the skin and reduce UV damage. It does this by protecting, nourishing, and making your skin’s nerves stronger to help repair damage by free radicals.

Cleans better than your grandma

Vitamin E is also the perfect cleanser and a moisturizer. Because it’s a heavy emollient, it grabs all the nasty grime and dirt from the surface of your skin.

Balances better than a tightrope walker

Vitamin E also maintaining your skin’s oil balance. And here at Pretty Witty POP, we know balance is always key.

So there you have it! We love that our product is formulated with vitamin E to help you feel and look your best. Especially this time of year when we tend to get dryer skin from the season change.

Have you tried any of our sugar scrubs full of vitamin e? Please share your thoughts below or email me at

Shop now for any of our guilty pleasure scents and you'll start to see results of vitamin e soon!

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