Stress Less, Smell More

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Before I even open my eyes in the morning, I fill my lungs with a slow, deep breath. I’m not actually doing this to relax (although, it’s certainly beneficial). I’m trying to figure out if the coffee has been started yet. Because if it has, I know my day will start off so much better ten minutes earlier.

Our sense of smell is a super powerful one. Humans have 5 million smell receptors that not only help warn our brains of danger but have the ability to conjure up beautiful memories instantly. Not only do I love a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, but that smell always brings me back to the simpler times when I was a kiddo and my home smelled of my parent’s coffee every morning. 

While everyone’s preferred scents are highly personal, scents of all kinds affect your hypothalamus. This is the tiny part of the brain connected to your hormonal system. Scents can have a direct impact on your mood, energy, or stress levels and can even co-mingle with your libido. 

With that in mind, it only makes sense that you start your day off with a smell that delights all 5 million of your smell receptors and melts away any lingering stress from the day before. And, if your chosen scent also stirs up good memories, then it’s another bonus to this small, but powerful step in self-care.

We have curated our sugar scrubs scents to evoke the indulgent scents of our favorite treats. Every year for my birthday, mom made a big deal out of making us a birthday cake. We got to choose the flavor (I was a confetti kind of girl) and the decorations. The Pretty Witty POP “Feelin’ Cute in Your Birthday Suit” scent smells brings back to those days. 

One giant whiff each morning gives me that feeling of being special again. It was MY day. It’s a freeing feeling that reminds me that I have the whole world ahead of me… no matter how old I am now. And, now I have silky smooth skin. 

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Ok, I’m even going to admit that I’ll occasionally grab one of my scrubs out of the shower at any time of the day, open and just smell. I can’t help it. I’m dieting and “Chur-all You’ll Ever Need!” smell so much like a churro that I’ve been tempted to taste. 

So go ahead and treat yourself and your 5 million scent receptors with one of our sugar scrubs. You deserve it and your nose will thank you.

What are the scents that you find relaxing? I'd love to know and we'll add it to the list of possible products we create in the future. Comment below or email me at!

Shop now for any of our guilty pleasure scents and melt away stress today!

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