How to Properly Practice Self-care

Self-care. It’s all anyone is talking about these days. But why and what exactly is self-care? It’s the practice of developing your own self-worth, maintaining a rich and loving relationship with yourself, and fostering self-confidence from within.

When you are feeling drained and the weight of the world seems too much, then taking time for yourself with self-care seems like a necessity. Searching out ways to do this will bring you results like a massage or a bath or even a walk outside to clear your head. These are easy enough.

However, if those are not really your cup of tea, searching for other ideas can be complicated and lead to more stress if the ideas you are reading don’t seem relaxing to you. So you have to let it flow and do the things that actually make YOU feel good.


Please remember this is a practice, like any art form, and can lead to more self-discoveries than you might imagine. I mean, were you perfect at riding a bike the first time you got on one? Me either. You have to let the process be organic and you must let go of preconceived notions that what is good for someone else might not be the thing that YOU need. No two people are alike, so my self-care list might not do it for you

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that can help you practice self care. You deserve it.


Taking a bath is always high up on the list of easy self-care routines. However, that rarely seems relaxing to me. First of all, I’ll want to clean the tub before I take a bath. Sitting in a less than sparkling clean tub sounds gross to me.

Then, it takes so long for a bathtub to fill up, and when it finally does and you get in, it’s either too hot to stay in very long or too cool, so I have to drain the water and it just takes even more time. Plus, even at my height, I can’t stretch out in my shallow tub, so parts of me are exposed, cold, and severely uncomfortable in this tiny tub.

Let’s not even mention the guilt I feel for using up so much water.

Just because someone recommends a bath, that doesn’t mean it’s relaxing for everyone. It’s certainly not for me.


But let's circle back to the word “practice”. You aren’t going to know what is nice and relaxing to you unless you try different methods. There is absolutely no harm in trying a method of relaxing and realizing it’s not for you, then moving on until you find the “thing” that makes you feel great.

I do want you to keep in mind that when you find something that you enjoy that helps you unwind today might not exactly be the same thing that you need tomorrow. We are ever-evolving so it’s important to just listen to ourselves. The more you practice self-care, the more you will discover yourself. The more you discover about yourself, the more you grow to love the person you are right now.


And that alone is the answer to how to properly practice self-care. Find what works for you, because you are worth that journey.

What are some things that you like to do to care for your self? Please share your comments below or email me at – you may just inspire someone else to try something new.

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