Here’s Our Secret To Feeling Like Royalty

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Once upon a time (65 AD, to be exact), there was a beautiful Roman empress named Poppea Sabina (she happened to be Nero's second wife) known for using sugar, honey, and milk lotion as a beauty treatment. So, if anything, we know for sure is that you should always trust what's been around for centuries, especially knowing an empress used it!

The empress realized quickly how amazing and powerful sugar is at exfoliating dry, dead skin cells and leaving her with new shiny, soft skin. This enhanced her appearance and made her skin feel healthier.

Sugar is an excellent exfoliant because of its slightly abrasive properties. It contains a chemical known as alpha-hydroxy acid, called glycolic acid. It works within the pores to help remove your older skin more efficiently so that a new layer of skin can regenerate and be smoother.

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Here at Pretty Witty POP, we’ve researched extensively when deciding what sugar to use in our products and found that simple, pure sugar cane is the best! Why? Because pure cane sugar is excellent for every skin type and contains some of the best essential nutrients and antioxidants. These can also help counteract infections and enhance immunity.

Plus, sugar is a natural "humectant"—meaning it draws moisture from the environment into your skin and keeps your skin hydrated.

Now that you know the history behind sugar scrubs, don’t you too want to feel like a royal empress? It’s no secret that you’ll have newer, healthier, and silkier skin when you use a sugar scrub. What a sweet treat that would be! Go on, you deserve it!

What are some other things you do to make yourself feel special? I'd love to know. Please comment below or email me at!

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