Adding POPs at Home

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Here at Pretty Witty POP we are all about having fun. Life is just too short to take it too seriously. Zannie and I are both improvisors who love to laugh.

However, with this state of the world right now, getting out and laughing is a real challenge these days, so I’m on a mission to add items to my home that “POPs”. And by that I mean, find what make me giggle, makes me feel a little bit glamorous or just add the POP of unique fun I’m looking for.

Here are few items that I found that I think will remind me to keep life light, even when it feels out of control and unpredictable. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


The Pink Side

Star Wars: Pink Darth Vadar Helmet

Forget about the dark side – go to the pink side with this limited addition bubblegum colored Darth Vader helmet. What an automatic conversation piece you could own. Unfortunately, these are sold out, but fingers crossed that more will be made in the future.


Dishing it out

Do the Dishes Pink Tea Towel

Hang this in any room you might need a little extra motivation to get those dishes done. Or, if you just need someone to argue with. We all know that bottling up our frustrations is not healthy. I can totally see myself yelling at “You can’t tell me what to do” at this if it were hanging up in my kitchen.


“Flock”ing amazing

Flamingo Catchall

This POP of fun won’t ruffle any feathers when you discover that it has a hidden compartment. Underneath it’s wings you’ll find a dish, perfect for stashing away change, chotchkies or my personal favorite: CHOCOLATE!


Ears the best thing ever!

The Little Mermaid-Inspired Reversible Sequin Ear Headband by Betsey Johnson – Limited Release

POP these on top of your head and suddenly your voice become magic as you can’t help yourself from singing “Look at this stuff, isn't it neat!” - or at least that what I'll be doing once I finally get one of these limited addition ears.



Sloth Duvet Cover Set

Imagine walking into your room and seeing this smiling face draped over your bed! You’ll want to cuddle up for a great nights sleep with this adorable sloth duvet cover. Here’s a random fun sloth fact: they only use the restroom once a week.


You’ll be hooked

Teal Octopus Wall Hook

You’ll definitely want to hang around with this cute little cephalopod. With a fun splash of color, this octopus can hold up to 5 pounds and is just waiting to help you stay organized.


This one is FAUX real Faux Crocodile 13" MacBook Pro Case

This 100% vegan faux pearly finished MacBook cover is sure to “croc” a smile every time you POP open the lid. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and comes in a dozen colors. Even work will feel glamorous.


Add a little plush to your flush

Renova Purple Toilet Paper

Make your next “go” a more colorful experience with this glamorous 3-ply purple toilet paper. It comes in other fun of colors too to make your loo POP.


POP art that can’t be popped

GREEN TREE PRODUCTS Balloon Dog - Mini - Purple

Based on the balloon animal pop art of Jeff Koons, this cute little statue would be such a fun POP of color to any room. Plus, it has a metallic finish that shines like your smile every time you see it.

So, what do you think? Is there anything you have in your home you'd consider a POP of fun? I really want to know. Comment below or email me at with photos of your home and I'll do a follow-up story!

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