Here’s our story of how we started this amazing business!

Pretty Witty POP originally started with the name Awe Sugar… but somehow, along the way of building this business we realized we wanted to create a more diverse brand that would lead to endless possibilities, so we changed it.

This new(ish) friendship started just over a couple years ago. Crazy... we know!!! We met in Las Vegas Nevada (not our original hometowns) doing improvisational theater. Kristi is a veteran improvisor/teacher/coach with 20+ years experience in this art form and Zannie was just a beginner at the time, but filled to the brim with a passionate drive to learn all there is to know about improv. We met at a local improv charity event hosted by Kristi’s improv team, YERKS. Zannie was the lucky winner of a FREE upcoming workshop hosted by YERKS. Coincidence?  We think not! Everything happens for a reason right?!!  

Before we could say “yes and” (a foundational theory of improv, btw) we knew this was a very special and unique relationship. Our bond and goals in life just happened to align perfectly at the right time. 

One beautiful day, two years later we were indulging in some tasty breakfast (we love food… can you tell?) we started talking about our futures. Zannie was looking for a new adventure and always wanted to start a business and as it turned out so did Kristi.

Our conversation went something like this:

Kristi:  “How amazing would it be for us to run our own company?"
Zannie:  “That’d be fantastic! I’m in!!! (slight pause) What kind of company?”
Kristi:  “How about sugar scrubs?” 
Zannie:  “I love sugar scrubs!!”
Kristi:  “But, how can we be different?”
Zannie:  “Let's come up with an amazing recipe for super soft skin”
Kristi:  “Oh, they should all smell like desserts!”
Zannie:  “I love that!! Let’s make our products motivational and inspiring to all the people?
Kristi:  “Yes! Everyone human deserves to treat themselves… Let's do it!!”

For the next 9 months we worked hard to find the right formula for our ultra moisturizing sugar scrubs that smell like our favorite things… treats!

Like we said earlier, we originally called our brand Awe Sugar, but realized our mission as a company goes far beyond that. We came together with a list of goals we wanted our company to accomplish within our brand… and soon Pretty Witty POP was born.


Pretty - because we want all people to feel their very best, inside and out. While our products help you feel great on the outside, we also will be your biggest cheerleaders and best friend when it comes to helping humans stay motivated. This is particularly evident in our product names, such as “Peach For Your Dreams” (peach gelato scented scrub) or “Donut You Look Amazing” (blueberry jelly donut scented scrub).

Witty - this word comes from our love of comedy and always trying to find ways to make life fun. We want to encourage others to find the things in life that tickle your fancy too.

POP - these are the surprises that life gives us. We want to always try to surprise our customers and point out how fun life can be by noticing these “POPs” too. 

We hope that you stick around enough for all of our Pretty Witty POP surprises. We have big plans for our company and would love for you to be on this adventure with us.



Las Vegas, NV    

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